Patience, how long have you lost your life? Can the hope of construction flourish even after everything is destroyed? Or, live with patience only through your whole life. After all, how long will someone have patience? They say that nuts remain on the side of patience. See the dream of creation again, and its victory.Continue reading “Patience.”

Relationship with God.

Do not let anyone else who you can not tolerate trouble themselves.        Those who are attached to the divine, they neither fear land property nor relationships, they have an intoxication of being connected to one God. The ‘Supreme Soul’ is the supreme authority and everything is happening at the behest of his command, whomContinue reading “Relationship with God.”

Story of King Shivi Eagle and pigeon.

Very interesting story of King Shivi Eagle and pigeon. Sheiner’s son Maharaja Shivi was very kind and refugee. Once the king was performing a great yajna. Then a pigeon comes and hides in the king’s lap. A huge hawk comes from behind and tells the king – * * Rajan, I had heard that youContinue reading “Story of King Shivi Eagle and pigeon.”


Don’t be afraid of moving slowly; be afraid of not moving. “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day-in and day-out.” It’s what you do every day that matters; not what you do every once in a while. All those “seemingly insignificant” habits you practice every day (pray, read, exercise, etc) add up toContinue reading “Success.”

Reality of Life.

The river water is sweet because, She keeps giving water. Sea water is salty because, He always takes The drain water always smells because, It is stopped. This is life, If you keep giving, you will find everyone sweet. If you keep taking it, you will look salty. And If stopped, everyone will find itContinue reading “Reality of Life.”


Start being more appreciative. Learn to focus on the things happening in your life that you may be taking for granted. Appreciate the friends you have, the family you have, the material items you have, the food you have and anything else that you have. Appreciate everything. Be thankful and really mean it. Take aContinue reading “Thankfulness.”

वायदा करो।

आज वादा करो इक इरादा करोसंग जीने का मरने का वादा करो। हाथ मे हाथ तेरा रहे इस कदरचांद की चांदनी सा हो रिश्ता मगर,दिल मे दीपक वफ़ा का जलाएंगे हमजिन्दगी में चलेगे मिलाकर कदम ।गर ख़ता कोई हो माफ करने का ,तुम हमसे वायदा करो। इक इरादा करो। जिस्म से जिस्म का इश्क होताContinue reading “वायदा करो।”

दिल की बात.

हमारी याद से बढ़कर कोई अपना नहीं लगता। सहारा जिसको माना था डुबाया है उसी ने यूं। मेरे राही मेरे हमदम जरा सा याद करलो तुम। तेरे बिन दिल नहीं लगता बताऊँ क्या , तुम्हें कैसे। नहीं आऊँगा मिलने को ये तुम याद रख लेना। मगर तुम्हारी यादों को मै हमेशा याद रखूंगा । भुलानाContinue reading “दिल की बात.”

Thoughts of saints.

हर एक आम इंसान की इच्छाएं बेहद बलबती होती हैं और इन इच्छाओं की पूर्ति के लिए व्यक्ति उल्टे-सीधे कर्म एवं सोच अपना लेता है। इच्छा की पूर्ति पर खुश एवं पूर्ण न होने पर रंज-ओ-गम में डूब जाता है। जन्म से लेकर मृत्यु तक इच्छाओं का तांता सा लगा रहता है और कभी पूर्णContinue reading “Thoughts of saints.”

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