Patience, how long have you lost your life? Can the hope of construction flourish even after everything is destroyed? Or, live with patience only through your whole life. After all, how long will someone have patience? They say that nuts remain on the side of patience. See the dream of creation again, and its victory.Continue reading “Patience.”


Start being more appreciative. Learn to focus on the things happening in your life that you may be taking for granted. Appreciate the friends you have, the family you have, the material items you have, the food you have and anything else that you have. Appreciate everything. Be thankful and really mean it. Take aContinue reading “Thankfulness.”

Thoughts of saints.

हर एक आम इंसान की इच्छाएं बेहद बलबती होती हैं और इन इच्छाओं की पूर्ति के लिए व्यक्ति उल्टे-सीधे कर्म एवं सोच अपना लेता है। इच्छा की पूर्ति पर खुश एवं पूर्ण न होने पर रंज-ओ-गम में डूब जाता है। जन्म से लेकर मृत्यु तक इच्छाओं का तांता सा लगा रहता है और कभी पूर्णContinue reading “Thoughts of saints.”

My Reflections (4).

Self-inspection is very important for your life. At every turn of life, we should keep reviewing our deeds. What is fair and what is unfair. Especially the behavior which we do not like, we should not treat others. This life is a reflection of what we do with others, we get back. God has givenContinue reading “My Reflections (4).”

Let’s all meet and make love.

Let’s all meet and make love. All of them together make heaven in the world. There should be no discrimination in the heart. Understand all your people. Love is great in this life. No one can live without love. This is the foundation of creation. Come and make love together. Hatred has to be erasedContinue reading “Let’s all meet and make love.”

We will improve, the world will improve.

Now-a-days we speak that the world is very bad. In today’s world, no one is trustworthy. Today’s people are very dishonest. Good and evil have no meaning. Everyone just sees their selfishness. No matter what the problem is to the front man. And even if someone appears in the problem, nobody wants to help him.Continue reading “We will improve, the world will improve.”


There is no happiness in the world, everything happens in some sorrow.Whoever gives a laugh in a festival, weeps in loneliness.He does not care about himself for his happiness.This is the love of selfless spirit, which itself becomes an example.Everyone lives for their own sake, this is the way of the world.This is the identityContinue reading “Humanity”

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