हे ईश्वर तुम्हारा धन्यवाद!…

एक जादूगर जो मृत्यु के करीब था, मृत्यु से पहले अपने बेटे को चाँदी के सिक्कों से भरा थैला देता है और बताता है की “जब भी इस थैले से चाँदी के सिक्के खत्म हो जाएँ तो मैं तुम्हें एक *प्रार्थना* बताता हूँ, उसे दोहराने से चाँदी के सिक्के फिर से भरने लग जाएँगे ।Continue reading “हे ईश्वर तुम्हारा धन्यवाद!…”

Story of King Shivi Eagle and pigeon.

Very interesting story of King Shivi Eagle and pigeon. Sheiner’s son Maharaja Shivi was very kind and refugee. Once the king was performing a great yajna. Then a pigeon comes and hides in the king’s lap. A huge hawk comes from behind and tells the king – * * Rajan, I had heard that youContinue reading “Story of King Shivi Eagle and pigeon.”

Really you can do it.

Pursue your dream. Yes, it’s not easy. But also, it’s not impossible! You have the mind. You have talents. You have gifts. You have a dream. And you have the will. Above everything else, you have a spirit that is hungry for greatness; ready to fight to make your dream to become a reality regardlessContinue reading “Really you can do it.”

परमेश्वर का रंग.

तमो गुण का मतलब अंधकार, क्रोध, दुख का कारण l प्रकृति के तीन गुणों से इंसान प्रभावित होता है, इसलिए इंसान को प्रभु के रंग में रंगना जरूरी है l परमात्मा के प्रभाव से सतोगुण का असर बना रहता है l इंसान नेक कर्म करता है l जैसे ही हम परमात्मा को भूलते हैं रजोगुणContinue reading “परमेश्वर का रंग.”

Believe you are powerful.

Remain strong! Make a firm decision to stay strong in life. Life can be so tough but I bet you are tougher. You may have experienced more difficulties in life than you can handle. You may have been knocked down by life severally. Believe you are powerful. Decide to take life on. Don’t succumb toContinue reading “Believe you are powerful.”

My Reflections (4).

Self-inspection is very important for your life. At every turn of life, we should keep reviewing our deeds. What is fair and what is unfair. Especially the behavior which we do not like, we should not treat others. This life is a reflection of what we do with others, we get back. God has givenContinue reading “My Reflections (4).”

My Reflections(3).

Never should be supported by any one in life. If he breaks trust? I mean dependent. This is a big support as well as a weakness. Most humans give more importance to dependents. Support of God and Belief in God. And this is also right because if we have our support from God then whatContinue reading “My Reflections(3).”

My Reflections.

In this world, except for birds and other animals, it is only humans who are worried about spirituality. Searches for peace. Seeks eternal happiness. Loses even his entire life. And ultimately he still has neither peace nor eternal happiness. This is a very worrying question which remains in search of it for human beings byContinue reading “My Reflections.”

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