Relationship with God.

Do not let anyone else who you can not tolerate trouble themselves.        Those who are attached to the divine, they neither fear land property nor relationships, they have an intoxication of being connected to one God. The ‘Supreme Soul’ is the supreme authority and everything is happening at the behest of his command, whomContinue reading “Relationship with God.”


When will meditation be available? How do we know we are meditating? Which is the meditation through which complete awareness can be attained? So we will only talk about meditation today. We will discuss all the facts related to meditation in the following series. Today the whole world is progressing on yoga. Certainly yoga providesContinue reading “Meditation(2)”

Full Awareness.

What is full awareness? This question has always been a reason for spiritual humans to be in a state of mystique and bheem. Those who believe in spirit and God. Some of them believe that when a person acquires knowledge of his soul, and some believe that when a person acquires knowledge of the divine.Continue reading “Full Awareness.”

What happens by chanting mantra?

What will be the effect in the human body by chanting the mantra. Something must have happened or nothing at all. We know that when we pronounce any letter of any language, that pronunciation has its own distinct sound. And each sound has its own different frequency. When we repeat the pronunciation of the soundContinue reading “What happens by chanting mantra?”

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