हे ईश्वर तुम्हारा धन्यवाद!…

एक जादूगर जो मृत्यु के करीब था, मृत्यु से पहले अपने बेटे को चाँदी के सिक्कों से भरा थैला देता है और बताता है की “जब भी इस थैले से चाँदी के सिक्के खत्म हो जाएँ तो मैं तुम्हें एक *प्रार्थना* बताता हूँ, उसे दोहराने से चाँदी के सिक्के फिर से भरने लग जाएँगे ।Continue reading “हे ईश्वर तुम्हारा धन्यवाद!…”

Story of King Shivi Eagle and pigeon.

Very interesting story of King Shivi Eagle and pigeon. Sheiner’s son Maharaja Shivi was very kind and refugee. Once the king was performing a great yajna. Then a pigeon comes and hides in the king’s lap. A huge hawk comes from behind and tells the king – * * Rajan, I had heard that youContinue reading “Story of King Shivi Eagle and pigeon.”


Don’t be afraid of moving slowly; be afraid of not moving. “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day-in and day-out.” It’s what you do every day that matters; not what you do every once in a while. All those “seemingly insignificant” habits you practice every day (pray, read, exercise, etc) add up toContinue reading “Success.”

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