Ideal Life.

Singing love songs and living happily is the art of real life. Friends, we know that we live life as a compulsion. And then sadly, eventually neither life nor happiness can be found. The secret of happiness is that only when you give it to someone will you get it. I mean true happiness. It is not selfishness that everywhere we only see our selfishness. Is a selfish person happy? Friends, how far is this question correct? Sometimes I think that someone who is not selfish will be the one to help others. But is the one who helps others happy. Probably not.

What can be the ideal life for a human being. It is only that he can achieve the highs in his life. But that humanity is absolutely zero in this regard. Or a life which may not be very special but has all the qualities of humanity. Which is filled with feelings of sympathy, tolerance, vision, unity, love and brotherhood. Friends, according to me, this type of life can be an ideal life. Otherwise everyone lives for themselves. Once you help others, then you will get true happiness.


Published by Sngms

Atarra Banda Uttar pradesh India

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