My Reflections(3).

Never should be supported by any one in life. If he breaks trust? I mean dependent. This is a big support as well as a weakness. Most humans give more importance to dependents. Support of God and Belief in God. And this is also right because if we have our support from God then what will we worry about. He will solve all our problems. And all such believers also believe. I had also given a explanation in my previous post that a stress-free life can be lived only with the help of God.

What is the problem in this? Just a few days ago a blogger friend of mine asked me that I follow a good path. I believe in God But still I am not good with what I ask of God, but I do not get it. I am very sad See it is a good thing to be dependent, but it will probably be wrong on just one. We should always make many choices because when one option does not work then another and if the other fails, then another. So in this way the simplicity of life should not be dependent on just one, but should be independent.

People say that there is no friend better than yourself. You are the one who can do well. And this is also true, but sometimes there are such turns in life that believe me, we are not able to support ourselves well. Our faith breaks from ourselves as well. So how can you trust someone who is not broken. Never you can’t And such people also blame God and their faith is weakened and broken one day. What is your love and how is your faith? A person who cannot love himself and cannot truly believe in himself, can never love and believe in God.

Now you would think that I am talking about two types of things which are conflicting. So in the world of spirituality, these two things are right. Just once you turn inward. And pay deep attention to yourself, spend a few moments with yourself. Gradually your spiritual journey will begin.


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7 thoughts on “My Reflections(3).

  1. Dependency on someone is the biggest weakness of the person.We should be giver than taker Making someone else a medium for your happiness is the biggest weakness of the person, so it is necessary to find one’s own happiness within yourself.

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