My Reflections.

In this world, except for birds and other animals, it is only humans who are worried about spirituality. Searches for peace. Seeks eternal happiness. Loses even his entire life. And ultimately he still has neither peace nor eternal happiness. This is a very worrying question which remains in search of it for human beings by performing various kinds of deeds according to many religions for centuries. Tell me one thing, what is the concern and religion of all these, in search of peace, etc. is it only for humans. And speaking of God, for him all creation has equal importance. There is neither any special nor common for them.

Often everyone believes that whatever bad deeds you have done. But when you apologize to God, then he forgives all your sins. But I have little doubt because if we have tortured and killed someone. Tortured many people. Has greatly harassed the innocents. So we can never forgive the souls of all those people, their curse will definitely be felt. So, the only feeling I have to say is that it is a good thing to apologize to God for our sins. But we should emphasize more on our virtues. They should be developed. The human mind should experience peace only through Good deeds and good qualities.If you are happy to help someone, then you believe that you are present with divine qualities.


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8 thoughts on “My Reflections.

  1. You make a great point we should always strive for these qualities but we are human, born into sin and unable to walk a perfect walk so I believe we need to ask for forgiveness also. Always striving to do better. Love and peace Joni

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    1. Thanks for reading and comment 🙏😊.Rightly said, but if we make a mistake and make a mistake again, will he get forgiveness from God again and again. No, we have to walk in a good way and nobody should have any problem with any of our actions. Then your forgiveness will be accepted and your prayers will also be meaningful.

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      1. Because I ask myself every night. Did I help someone, did I cause anyone pain. Was I dishonest. Do I owe somebody an apology. Do I have any resentment toward anyone. If so is it really worth it or should I just let it go. Was I a good manager of my time. Did I thank God for his blessings and the favor he showed me in the mist of my daily struggle. That type of thing.

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  2. Very true and beautiful point that an apology to God for all actions/evil deeds are worthy or not but the thing which is important to understand for human is every action small or big, good or bad is a boomerang and has to come back sooner or later and no apology is going to work as a shelter… thanks for sharing this beautiful point

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