My Reflections (2).

It is said that self-confidence is sometimes broken. If a lot of troubles keep coming in life, then it is natural for a person to be frustrated and broken. In this state, if someone is going to maintain his mental balance, then he can be saved from shattering completely. In today’s busy world, no one has time to understand someone’s problems and give them confidence and support to deal with problems. That is why a believer can be considered much better than an atheist. Where he has no support, he considers God as his only support. And survives his failure and mental worries.

If we become completely atheists and do not believe in any God, then I mean if you believe in a logical and evidence then it is a very good thing but if we are completely based on ourselves. Then during the failures we will be mentally shattered by the worries generated by him more than we are not distracted by failure. And if we do some work with the help of someone, then there is not so much mental stress.

For example, if you work under someone, then if any work goes wrong with you then you will be worry free. Because you have a support that is what will improve everything. And in this way, when we do any work without worry, we complete it with great beauty. And if you are the owner yourself, the entire responsibility is yours, then you will do your work with great stress. And you have to do your job with a variety of concerns. If there is any problem then its concern.

Therefore, the sense of saying that we believe in God is helpful in dealing with many problems and live a happy life with worry free life. And there is also this fear that we should not do wrong things otherwise God is watching everything which will never forgive us. Therefore, always accept good qualities and it is easy to live only by considering God as the basis.


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