Liebster Awards(2,3,4):

This is the second time that three of my friends have nominated me for this award. Friends nominating me Priya Singh, Mitali Rajawat, Soul Writer,. I express my heartfelt gratitude to these three friends for choosing me for this award.

These three are very amazing writers. So, you must check out their blog once. Whose links are as follows:

Priya singh

Soul writter
Mitali Rajawat.,

11 facts about me.

1.I am very proud that I am an Indian.

2.I love listening to music.

3.I love painting.

4.I love learning languages.

5. I always love learning something new.

6.I always hear my heart’s voice.

7.I love helping everyone.

8. I love nature very much.

9. I am also a member of the world’s largest uniformed organization, Scout and Guide. The purpose of which is love of humanity and nature.

10.I am a student of science. In which I like physics very much.

11.I like pure vegetarian food.

Questions asked by nominators & My answers:-

Priya singh.

  1. What you want to do in life ?
  2. Favourite food,
  3. Favourite place for visiting ,
  4. Best book ever you read,
  5. Your pet name ,
  6. Your best advice that you want to give ,
  7. Person who love you so much ,
  8. One wish you want to do for ourself ,or another one ,
  9. Best game you like ,
  10. Best thing you like

Mitali Rajawat.

  1. Why you start blogging?
  2. What you favorite place in your city?
  3. Favorite book?
  4. What’s your blog is about.
  5. Your favorite post from your blog.
  6. How you spent a day without mobile phone.
  7. Where you write your thoughts before publishing?
  8. If God come to you what you ask him?
  9. What are you studying or what kind of work you do?
  10. Favorite food.
  11. What’s your cherished childhood TV show that you used to love but haven’t thought in a while.

Soul writer.
1. Why do you start writing?
2. What’s your Opinion about Politics?
3. Favorite Food
4. Favorite place
5. Are you social media Freak?
6.Do you love to go gym and doing excercise?
7. What to do you do for living?
8.Opinion about India?
9. Favroute Childhood Cartoon.
10.Do you believe in God?
11.your favroute book.. Why do you start writing?

My answers:-

Priya singh-

1.I want to be a successful person. And I want to be famous in the world.

2.Pure vegetarian indian food.

3.My birth land my village

4.Avatar wani.


6.Speak less and speak appropriately. Be sure to think about that before you speak.

8.I have a wish for my parents. I will do such a thing that one day I will be very happy because of me.



Mitali Rajawat:-

1.To share my thoughts with everyone.

2.Chitrakoot Dham Kamad giri.

3.Awatar Wani.

4.Spirituality, Life, Nature and Inspiration

5.God Mother.

6.By reading books or drawing or with the beauty of nature.

7.Direct in draft.

8.Eternal happiness for ourselves all along.

9.I study physics and also teach in my students.

10.Pure vegetarian indian food


Soul writter:-

1.To share my thoughts with everyone.

2.In politics, it should not just be one’s own self. Talking about the welfare of all and the rights of all is the real politics.

3.Pure vegetarian indian food.
4.My birth land my village



7.I teach my students And be happy

8.India is my country. Better than the whole world. I am proud that I was born in India.



11. Awatar Wani.

My Nominees:-

1. Saba Ansari





6.Mukesh Dhaka

7.Akshay Sinha





I would like to ask my nominees 11 questions.
1.Why did you start writing?

2.To whom do you give the most importance in your life?

3.Who loves you the most ?Your favorite food?

4.Your favorite game?

5.Your best friend’s name?

6.Are you interested in meditation?

7.Where do you get the most peace of experience?

8.Have you helped anyone else? If yes, how?

9.What do you like science or literature?

10.Your pet’s name?
11.What one good advice do you want to give me?

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙏🙏

🌺🌺Love And Peace 🌺🌺


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