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The plants(1).

Once you plant a nice fruitful tree. Then make him grow by giving him manure and water. Then when it becomes very big. And give you sweet fruits. And then one day someone should cut it or else you have to cut it. How would you feel then ?Do you have any problem ?Will youContinue reading “The plants(1).”

Do something different.

Do something different but keep the goal. Adopt a new strategy but keep the goal. Call another person who can help but keep the goal. Change your route but keep the goal. Develop new relationships but keep the goal. Change your environment but keep the goal. In whatever you do, keep your focus. Do everythingContinue reading “Do something different.”

Thoughts of saints.

A saint is one who possesses the qualities of saints, who has the knowledge given to the Satguru, has endurance, long-suffering, who has love for all in his heart, wishes every human good. The person who has lived his life according to the orders of the Guru-prophets. We all want to live the same life,Continue reading “Thoughts of saints.”