Nature is a good teacher.

My dear readers,

my heartfelt thanks to all of you, the way you read and like every one of my posts, it gives me encouragement, so I thank all of you. Now let me start my post ……

Nature is a good teacher, yes, read right there are many examples in front of us which we will understand. In this nature, I mean everything from animals, mountains, rivers, forests and sky. We can get knowledge from everyone.

We humans get nervous when there is some crisis. But think about birds living on a tree, always under this open sky. Whenever a storm comes. They and their children all grow in nest in the tree. Black night, pouring change, dangerous storm, what would pass on that little creature. But no, he does not break his spirits. And waits for that golden morning. Don’t know, perhaps he knows that it will not always be the same. The birds knows and accepts this changing law of nature. If we look at humans, we know but do not believe. So in this way, he goes through his life fighting all the troubles. Without giving up So from here we can learn that we too should not give up in troubles. And it should be thought that this crisis is just a few moments and will not last long.

The ant is so small but you all know that the most hardworking. And how they have the quality of working with unity. We can learn a lot from them as well.

Now look at the ocean, how many rivers go into it and never flood it. So we can teach the quality of deepening the mind with it. Look at the night and the day, as every night has a golden morning, similarly after every sorrow there is a lot of happiness. This is true. The way the rainfall is only for a few months, not throughout the year.

Our earth moving, the sun moving, the rivers flowing, all of them do their work without stopping, in the same way, we too should always be engaged in our work. If they stop then everything will be finished. In the same way, we too will fall. We can never progress. So dear readers we should keep learning something from nature every second.



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